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In this article, we going to learn how you can take a screenshot in Windows. This can be a laptop or PC, and any version of Windows, this tutorial will be applicable to all. So let's start:

Step 1:
Open application on your screen which you want to take a screenshot. Now press the Windows button + PrtScr button together. This will copy your screenshot.

How to find these keys:

Windows button will be mostly left bottom side 2nd last button. PrtScr button will be on the right top corner button. For some keyboards location of this button might be different.

Step 2:

Now you copied your image all you need to do now save it. For this open paint, for this go click windows logo on the left bottom corner. Now search for paint, then open paint.

Step 3:

Now press Control+V button together. This will paste your screenshot in the paint. Now edit crop your screenshot as per your need. You can crop screenshot by clicking on the cropping tool from the paint. Now after all your edits press Control + S button together, then save it. Now your screenshot image file will be saved you can share it with anyone.

Now if you want to share your screenshot via Gmail, then there is a shortcut. Like you just need to take a screenshot by pressing PrtScr + Windows button together. Then simply compose your mail and press Cntrl+V this will add your screenshot to your mail. Note that do this shortcut if you don't need any edits in your screenshot.

Hope this helps you if you have any query please do comment below:)

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