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Saturday, May 30, 2020

How to add GIF to an Image in Photoshop?


What we are doing?

In the article we going to learn how you can add GIF into an image for Example: I combined image and GIF and made another new GIF.

I am using "Adobe Photoshop CS6", for performing this tutorial. Don't worry if you have any other Photoshop version I will try to add instructions available in all versions. So let's work step by step:

Step 1:

Open your GIF and Image in Photoshop.

Step 2:

Make sure in the GIF tab you have a timeline in the downside. If the timeline tab is not coming then go to Windows --> Timeline.

If you are not able to find a timeline tab then go to Windows --> Workspace --> Motions, this will also do the same work for you!

Step 3:

Now on timeline right top corner click on that bars --> then click on "Select all frames". This will do the selection of all frames. Now again click on timeline right top corner click on that bars --> then click on "Copy frames", this will copy all your frames!

Step 5:

Now go to Image tab then in downside on timeline click on "Create Frames Animation". This will create a new timeline for you.

Now click on timeline right top corner click on that bars --> then click on "Paste frames", this will paste all GIF frames in Image timeline!

Now one setting panel will open make sure you select "Paste over Selection" and tick "Link Added Layer", and click "OK". this setting will merge all frames so you change any frame it will reflect in other as well.

Step 6:

Now select(Click) the first frame from the image tab timeline. Now click on timeline right top corner click on that bars --> then click on "Match layer across frames", this will match image background for all GIF frames.

Now setting pannel will open tick all option then click OK!

Step 7:

Now click on any GIF layer, then click the cntrl+T button this will allow adjusting your image. Otherwise, go to Edit --> Free transform which does the same work. Now adjust the GIF as per your requirement. After adjustment click enter button, your adjustment will be saved.

Step 8: 

Now after adjustment, you are done. Now for saving your GIF, go to File--> "Save for web..", or just press "Alt+Shift+Cntrl+S". In other versions of Photoshop, you can do the same thing like, go to File--> "Save for Web(Legacy)..", or just press "Alt+Shift+Cntrl+S".

After click "Save for web.." there will open a saving panel open for you. In this panel, you can adjust the width, height of GIF. Now make a selection in the down right corner for "Looping option" as once or forever. If you select Forever then GIF will play continuously will not stop if you select once then after one cycle it will stop.

Now, this is last step! After clicking "Save", another save panel will open, give name to your GIF make sure format is select "Images Only". Then click "Save", yes finally you are done! You GIF will be saved you can use it anywhere you want:)

This is what we made:)

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