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Simple Techniques to Increase Penis Size
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In this article, I will talk about simple things that you can do to make your penis bigger. First, you need to understand, men's average size of the penis is 05 inches. If your penis size is less then 05 inches then you need to consult doctor. Men and women complain 05 inches as small but the average vagina is 3-4 inches long but can expand by 200 percent when sexually aroused, kind of like a balloon. So, a bigger penis is not much use, because it has just an extra part after going inside the vagina. So men should more concentrate on performance, instead of size. Men can improve performance by making themselves fit. I am putting some simple techniques which can make your life better:

1) Mirroring: When you keep looking at the penis, you may not realize the full size or full potential of the penis. But when you look at the penis in the mirror, this is actually what people see of your penis. People or your girlfriend or your wife look at your penis, this what view they get of your penis. So if you feel that your penis is small then look at your penis in the mirror. You will realize your penis is much bigger then what you actually think it is when you look at it without looking at the mirror.

2) Remove pubic hair: Second thing that you need to do to make your penis appear bigger, is that you shave your pubic hair. Okay, so when people have lots of pubic hair, then it kind of covers half of the penis there. So the penis kind of appears smaller. So you start by having a clean meat look, shave off your pubic hair and remain like that and look in the mirror. So you'll definitely see a penis that obvious much bigger.

3) Lose fat on the prepubic area: It is a little difficult but not impossible. So the area above the penis where the penis is attached known as mons pubis. So the fat their usually around 1/2 to 1 inch for most people. For some people it goes to above 2-3 inches. So now their so much fat in the mons area then it kind of covers the penis and penis length apparently becomes smaller. So if you can lose body fat, so fat in the mons also gets lesser and the penis appears to its true potential and appears much bigger. So if you concentrate on the deduction of mons fat it will really help you.

I hope this will help you! If you want to make your life better, you need to start conversation with your partner. You can talk about her expectations will intercourse, and talk about size, personal issues. With simple conversation half of the problems can be solved. Also always maintain positive energy during intercourse.

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