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Masturbation is a private sexual behavior rarely shared in public, hence it always gets a bad rap in society. Is masturbation is a healthy habit? Let's find out today! Masturbating has been an almost universal practice since history has been recorded 95% of men and 62% of women have masturbated in their life.

Some common confusions people have about masturbation:

  1. Does it affect male fertility?
  2. Will it cause blindness?
  3. Will it cause erectile dysfunction?
  4. Is it the reason for the lack of blood flow and numbness in the body?
  5. Will it result in nervous disorders?
  6. Will it cause sleeplessness and tiredness?
  7. Is it waste of semen in energy?
  8. The most common myth will it lead to hair fall, cause acne, and pimples?

There are tons of myths out there meant to scare you into thinking
masturbation is bad!

A lot of myths about
masturbation you heard, plenty of them are actually rumors. You've heard about that masturbation causing erectile dysfunction infertility so on. But you have to understand that all these things are actually being spread by business people you don't even know whether these doctors are qualified medically or not. The sole purpose of these people actually trying to brand masturbation as a problematic one. Because they want to sell a lot of medicines, because they want to convince the young kids the young adults to basically consume their medicines, so that they can make money out of it. But you have to understand masturbation is a totally healthy one and there are plenty of benefits of masturbation.

Humans and animals masturbate because self-love improves quality of sperm. Getting old sperm out and having young sperm improves fertility rates. Pelvic floor muscles are in both men and women, as we age these muscles weaken causing sexual dysfunction in women and tactile dysfunction in men. Masturbation strengthens these pelvic muscles and is like a workout for the sex muscles improving sexual performance. When you suffer from cold masturbation activates component of immune system in your body, thus increasing the number of white blood cells. Masturbation reduces prostate cancer and decreases the negative impact on the body. When you masturbate the need for sex reduces hence the chances of contracting sexually transmitted disease becomes less. It's a feel-good thing, releases dopamine reduces stress, releases endorphins decreases perception of pain. It generates prolactin and you get better sleep. According to the AMA(American Medical Association) masturbation is a normal part of sexuality not only singles masturbate many married men and women masturbate, not because they don't have satisfactory sex with their partners but because they occasionally like the alternative of giving themselves pleasure. According to a recent survey 70% of men and 40% of women in relationships reported masturbating. How many of you are aware that monkeys masturbate just like humans.

Why masturbation is sensitive abnormal in some cases:

Well we spoke about the many benefits of masturbation but when does masturbation actually become a problem. Well, Benadryl masturbation interferes with a quality of life by quality of life, talking about either birth or abort marriage. Well, a man goes to work now instead of working in front of a computer he goes to the restroom and masturbates then it's a problem. The same man goes back home he has to have sex with his wife but before having sex with his wife he again goes to the restroom and masturbates. Now this time masturbation becomes an addiction and that has been it interferes with your quality of life in that was one of the problems.

Frequent masturbation may lead to problems related to conception it is important to mix masturbation and sex. Masturbation might make you sexually unresponsive to other kinds of stimulation leading to a lack of performance with a real partner. Despite research finding self-pleasure to be healthy it's still mild in guilt, the guilt that surrounds masturbation is astounding especially one realizes how pervasive it is among human beings. In our society a lot of guilt associated with masturbation, the most important reason is lot of men equate one drop of
semen with the board like 40 drops of blood. So one drop of semen is evacuate from the body and they think they lose a lot of blood and that is why they feel guilty. Now the second reason for that could be that the dictator of our culture says that semen should not be wasted before marriage if you are having intercourse then it is okay to ejaculate semen. But on your own if you ejaculate then that is not right and because of these cultural effects also men feel guilty. But there is absolutely no need to feel guilty about masturbation and it is a very very healthy habit.

So please set aside guilt and please go ahead and masturbate. At the end of the day masturbating is one of the few pleasurable things in life that we can almost do anytime and anywhere. Oops not in public! It's a normal physical function as natural as breathing air. Today is the first day of the rest of your life so don't well on past rumors spread by wax which will get you nowhere.

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