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How Increase Sperm Count Naturally?

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It is important for men to increase and maintain healthy sperms. By increasing, healthy sperm men will get better sexual life. We going to study in this article how changing little things in lifestyle, men can increase and maintain healthy sperms.

1) Reduce smoking - Smoking goes in hand with poor sperm DNA integrity leading to infertility. So avoid smoking as much as you can!

2) Reduce drinking alcohol - Alchohol makes your sperm move less fast.. and is also associated with infertility.
So avoid drinking alcohol as much as you can!
3) Keep your cellphones away - Even the best phones create EMR waves that kill sperm motility. So keep a distance from mobile when it is not in need.

4) Keep your laptop away from your lap - Laptops generate local heat that kills sperm quality. So keep distance between your lap and laptop.

5) You do not wear tight inner garments - Tight inner garments can create local heat and kill sperm production. So avoid wearing tight inner garments.

6) Reduce eating sugar - Because, much sugar equal to poor sperm quality. So avoid taking more sugar stuff like chocolate, dessert, etc.

7) Reduce eating deep-fried food - Because fried food is equal to more dead sperms. So avoid eating deep-fried food as much as you can.

8) Start walking - The faster you walk the faster your sperm swim. So start the walking habit.

9) Avoid all forms of plastic packed food - Plastic is bad for your sperm, so avoid eating plastic packed foods.

10) You avoid occupations that expose you to chemicals directly - Avoid working in the chemical department because some chemicals kill sperms.

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