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Two types of masturbation you should not do:

1) Prone Masturbation: In prone masturbation, what men do is actually lying face on the bed and he leases his penis place it against is nable, goes completely prone. Then keeping rubbing penis on the bed. Lot of men do this. The problem comes when men get married and try to have sex they find they not able to ejaculate. Their so many cases are where after performing prone masturbation for much time men get sexual issues. Now this is happening because the kind of stimulation they experienced in prone masturbation doesn't happen inside the vagina. So please avoid prone masturbation!

2) Hypoxic Masturbation: In this people try to cover their face, tight cover around the face. Then they do masturbation, in this type of case sometimes it lead to unconsciousness. So don't masturbate like this. So you should avoid, tightening the neck and do masturbation. 

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