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Can Smoke affect Sperm count and Sperm motility?

Smoking definitely has an effect because tobacco has shown to reduce testosterone levels and testosterone does have a direct bearing on semen volume. So the ejaculate volume does reduce if one continues to smoke. Smoking can also affect motility because smoking affects something known as the cilia, which helps in sperm motility. So if cilia get affected then motility also gets affected. So the good news is if you stop smoking then the effect of smoking on semen volume, sperm motility can reverse!

How long does it take?  

Well at least a minimum of three months because you know, that sperm takes about like to see 60-70 days to get produced in about like 20 days in the track. So if you do three months of smoking you will have some effect but still there's no definite period of time where the effects will actually start showing. So the best thing that you can do is give up smoking if you actually trying to father a child.

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