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Hi, I wake in the morning seen "Phone automatically sent text to random number with verification code!". This have message "Google is verifying the phone# of this device as part of setup.". I got stunned, so I reached Google. Google helped helped me, they said:

[The Help center article - Verify your Android phone's number describes this action. "For your security, we'll re-verify from time to time to make sure that your phone's number is still yours. When we re-verify, you might get text messages from Google or see outgoing texts to Google. The message could say something like, "Google is verifying the phone number of this device."" Under the section "Change how your phone's number gets verified" now lists how to address this issue. Please post here if performing the steps mentioned therein doesn't resolve your issue.]

Google did this intentionality for the security purposes. Shortcode you'd receive your regular verification codes from Google, is genuine. So, there is no cause of worry. The feedback that the users would be better assured should Google choose to use a shortcode name or a fixed number has already been passed onto Google for consideration.

So this will not cause any problems to you, so forget this and be happy!!

Hope this help you!!

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