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How To Create A Favicon:
If you want to create the favicon with an image, then take the image from google. But taking copyright image can give you issue in future. So follow this steps. Go to google, search your subject, then go settings, "Advanced search" and select "Free to use or share, even commercially" but this image you not allowed to modify but you can use them. If you want copyright free image with modification, select "Free to use, share or modify, even commercially". Favicon size should be small so select image size from "Advanced search" as icon else medium.

Create Favicon Icon In Photoshop:
Create the new project with 100-200px height and width. If you want the background of favicon should not show then select "Background Contents" as "Transparent". As per your requirement give it some style with text or images. Now click on "image" from the top, select "image size", check "Resample image" uncheck other. Take image height and with has 16px*16px. Now save your image as JPEG else for transparent background save as PNG.

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Create Favicon Icon Online:
If you want to create favicon online then there are some online favicon generators available. This generator simply takes your image and resize into favicon size.

List of Online Favicon Generator:

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Hope you got a good idea of how to create a favicon, create favicon for blogger.

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