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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

What Is Mindsumo and How To Earn Money With Mindsumo

What Is Mindsumo:
Mindsumo is a platform where you can suggest your idea for different company issues, plans etc. If your idea is selected by the company then you will get money!
For joining now Click Here

How To Earn Money With Mindsumo:
When you signup and login to Mindsumo you get some challenges! In Mindsumo companies come with their query or new plans and they will ask creative names, ideas, suggestions. If your content has the power, you will get selected and you get winner prize.

For Example:
Has you can see in image company need a good name for their new brand.

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Tips To Win Challenges:
1) Before participating in any challenge read all the guidelines carefully!
2) Some task is only for the particular country like the US, Australia etc. So before working on any task check your country able to participate or not.
3) When you get any challenge, search your challenge in "Google Scholar" where you get some decent answers. This answers will help you to complete your task.

Mindsumo Review:
This is a good platform to share your suggestions and idea. It's like selling ideas for money. If your content is good, relevant and powerful you definitely win.

Hope you got an idea of mind sumo challenges, mind sumo review,

If you have any query please comment!

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