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Tez App Earn Money || How To Earn Money From Tez App || Google Pay App

What Is Tez App : 
Tez app is a digital wallet powered by Google which allows transaction of money digitally. You can do instant transactions with Tez app.

Why should you use Tez app :
1) It does the instant transaction.
2) Tez wallet directly connected with the bank so no need for adding to wallet else transfer money from wallet to bank.
3) Powered by Google so one of the trusted app.
4) Very good customer service and instant problem resolve.
5) Give money to refer and also give prizes for transactions.

How To Join Tez App :
Go to play store and install Tez app. Now verify your mobile number and join instantly but join with the mobile number which connected to your bank. After mobile verification just connect your bank account with the app, this will be done by OTP to your bank account connected mobile number. Now you are ready to do any transaction, your money added or reduced directly from your bank.

Tez App Scratch Card :
When you do any transaction you get the scratch card for that. When you scratch this cards if you are lucky then you win some money. This money will automatically be transferred to your bank. There are two types of cards:
1) If you transfer 150 rupees or more you get the scratch card by which you can win up to 1000 rupees. 
2) If you do the transaction of 500 or more you get the scratch card by which you can win up to 1lakh rupees. Also by this transaction, you will get one 1000 rupees scratch card.
Note that you get only one scratch card of 1k and 1lakh from the single person within one week. From different people, you can earn more cards. 

Google Tez Refer And Earn :
When you refer your friend and he will join with your promo code. Then he does his first transaction from 1 rupee to any amount, after that within 7 days you both get 51 rupees. This amount will automatically be added to your bank account. For most case, 51 rupees added instantly. 

More Benefits of Tez App :
You can pay bills of electricity, DTH, mobile, landline, water etc by Tez app.

Now Tez app changed his name to "Google pay". So don't get confused!!

If you have any query please comment below!!

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