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My Rating: 

This rating and review are based on my personal experience of my treatment.  

Terna Dental College & Hospital, 
Nerul East, 
Sector 22, Nerul, 
Navi Mumbai, 
Republic of India
(It's just 5 minutes walking away from Nerul railway station)

What's good:
1) Terna dental college is a trust, so you have to pay less money for your treatment. 
2) Doctors and students are friendly they will guide you and solve all your queries.
3) College is nearby Nerul railway station just 5 minutes walking away from the Nerul station. 

What's bad: 
1) Your treatment will be mostly done by internship students. But don't worry their will professionals for help and they will handle the situation if something goes wrong. My treatment is done by 3-4 students and not faced any problem.
2) Time management is a big problem, they will make you wait for some time. My experience was little bad my appointment was at 10:30 but when I reached they were treating someone else. I waited almost 2 hours for my turn.

Terna Dental College Fees/Charges for treatment:
1) For Root Canal:
- 4-5 X Rays in between treatment - 30 Rupees Per X Ray
- Teeth shaping for root canal and Insect removing - 70 Rupees
- For Silver plating on teeth - 250 Rupees
- For Silver cap - 100 Rupees

2) For removing damaged teeth and adding new teeth
- Overall 15,000 Rupees

3) For cleaning teeth
- Overall 100 Rupees
(All charges are of current timing, this may increase or decrease in future)

How much time it takes for treatment:
1) For cleaning teeth:
- It will take at least 2-3 appointments. So you can consider this may take minimum 2-3 days.

2) For Root Canal
- It will take at least 3-4 appointments. So you can consider this may take minimum 3-4 days.

Overall review conclusion:  
They treat in less money so they have more patients. So it takes more time for their treatment as compared to any private doctors. If you have money and less time try some other option.

If you have any query or suggestion please comment below.

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