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I am not the dentist just sharing the tips and techniques for whitening and making teeth stronger which my personal dentist recommended to me. Follow these techniques for healthy teeth.

Technique 1: Start brushing from the jaw
When you brush any teeth you should start brushing from a little part of the jaw then cover that teeth. This way your teeth as well as jaw both get clean. Cleaning jaw will make your teeth healthy.

Technique 2: Cover all teeth by brushing
First, start brushing upper left corner teeth and slowly brush all the upper teeth. After you cover all upper teeth now go for the lower teeth, and start from lower-left corner teeth and cover all lower teeth.

Technique 3: Cover your teeth opposite part also will brushing
We always do brushing for front teeth. We always ignore the backside(opposite) side of teeth. But backside of the teeth is also equally important to clean. Because if the backside of teeth get dirt or get any insects then that teeth get damaged. So always brush the backside of teeth as well.

Technique 4: Use floss for cleaning your teeth dirt
In between two teeth, there will be dirt created by food. This food gets stuck there and if we did not remove the food then your mouth started giving bad smell because of stale food. Also, this stale food will damage your teeth. So do floss of your teeth at every night before sleeping.

Technique 4: Brush on the top side of teeth as well
Always clean your top side of the teeth with a brush. This will remove all dirt from the teeth top side. Also, this technique will make your teeth healthy.

Important Factor: 
Don't brush for 10 minutes, just do it for 2 minute but with technique is more effective.

Hope this article help you, and you got a good idea of what are the brushing techniques, what are the different brushing techniques and what are the tooth brushing techniques. If you have any suggestion or query please comment below:)

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