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Adding Featured Image To Blogger Post:
The first image given the post is consider has featured for the post.

Custom Featured Image In Blogger:
In your condition, if you want featured image not to be shown in the post. In that condition go to "Edit Post" then go to "HTML mode". Now at the top just write this code:

<img src="Your image URL" style="display: none;"/>

Replace "Your image URL" with the URL of the image.  If you don't know how to get image URL, just import image in your post editor then right click on it, select "copy link address" or "copy image address". This will give you your hosted image URL. After writing your code click on save or publish. Now you are done you get the featured image as the thumbnail of your post.

Hope you got a good idea of How to add the thumbnail for blogger post, How to add custom thumbnail for blogger post.

If you have any query please comment!!

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